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The Beginning

Visit these Awesome sites (or face the most Dangerous Weapon in the Universe...)

- CULT MOVIES MAXIMUS. Read excellent reviews of such HomeMade Productions favorites as STRIKE COMMANDO 2 and AFTER THE FALL OF NEW YORK. A lot of info on movies we rented (without irony) at gas stations in the Eighties.

- STUDENTRADIOEN I TRONDHEIM. Our new best friends in promoting our priceless (cheap?) productions.

- Fredzilla Film. Swedish guys with lots of bulletts and massive explotions. They are living proof on that you may move up from really low-low-budget and make it in the majors.
- Pointless Films, Not as Pointless as it may seem. They have their base in Moss and present their own Awards. Cool. They also have some kick-ass links.
- Northwest Productions, Mark is THE Ultimate passionate Filmmaker. We kid you not. His movie COVEN is beyond your wildest dreams.
- LAND&SYNIR, The BEST filmmagazine in Iceland. They mentioned our film FUTURE WARS in an article and accomplished a cult following (a very small one, that doesn't speak the language) because of this. These Icelandic filmpeople rule.