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Future Wars (2004)

In the future... one man WILL make a difference!
It happened WILL happen again!
In the future...THEY will arrive!
Can you survive the future? It Happened!
There is no Future...only WAR!
Kirk Williams vs The Great Martian God

Kirk Williams – the Hero of the Story.

The Villainous Mr. Henry Kain.

The Mystery of the Fluxuation Material.

A Demonstration of Power!

Mr. Kain at his most Sadistic and Sinister.

- If I were in charge everything would be different…

Insert Demonic Laughter here!

The Time Portal finally works!

Alien Attack!!

- Trust him, his Rockets never fails…

A Mysterious Fiend controls the Mothership.


The Alien Drones have Arrived. Prepare to Die.

William “Wild Bill” Radisson fights back.

It all depends on the extreme Firepower of one Mac “Rawhead” Rawtansky.

- Guess that took care of them...

The Battle rages, Private Oetker gives the Bastards Hell!!

The Terror Creatures are everywere.


These Things will Kill you!

Bullseye. Fire at will!

- They can’t see Me from over there… But I can see Them!

Battle of the Clouds!!

Fire, Kirk! Fire!! Yeahhh!!

A look of Fear, as they are about to Die!

- I’ve come here to chew Bubblegum and Kick Ass, etc, etc.

The Final Showdown!

- Your puny Weapon can not hurt me, Fool!

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